Bright, sparky, quick, thorough and very capable

Louisa supported a major client of Cloudberry’s for over two years and has been an incredible help since she arrived. Here are some words they said about her:

“Bright, sparky, quick, thorough and very capable, Louisa is a delight to work with. She settled in quickly and got on with everyone. Louisa improved a number of key administrative and compliance processes which gave us back time to spend on the business.”

Cloudberry thanks her for all that she’s done and wishes her the very best for the future.

Rona Campbell
Cloudberry Virtual Assistant Services

The beginning of an excellent working relationship

I initially asked for Louisa’s help in preparing an HR Handbook Trello board which was delivered according to specification and promptly. A small job but the beginning of an excellent working relationship.

I call on Louisa whenever I have an organisational need for a client that I can’t fulfil myself be it lack of time or expertise. The biggest job so far has been preparing a comprehensive and complex document for my client as part of the process for accrediting a school in the USA. Again delivered according to specification and timely.

Louisa takes time to research the job spec, speak to / challenge the client and plan out the timescale. She also pays attention and advises if she sees any issues. I trust her ability to deliver any project that I put to her and highly recommend her to anyone needing support. I will definitely be requesting Louisa’s support for future tasks.

Carol Collier
Carol Collier Virtual Assistant International

Listened to my thoughts, advised and created a stunning, functional website

I thoroughly recommend Louisa. 2 years ago I approached her to make me a new website. I was armed with some ideas scribbled in a notebook and a vision in my head. Louisa listened to my thoughts, advised and created a stunning, functional website that I could maintain and add to myself.

More recently, Louisa has once again stepped in and found the perfect solution helping me develop my working practice to a higher level. She has the wonderful ability to listen to requirements, create a plan of action, and deliver good results.

I look forward to working with Louisa again in the future.

Mandi-Baykaa Murray
The Feather Lady

Louisa Stewart from Blue Ninja is a breath of fresh air

Louisa Stewart from Blue Ninja is a breath of fresh air! I am beyond impressed with the savvy and efficient way in which she stepped in and took on an extremely critical piece of work for my US-based non-profit organization Commonsense Childbirth Inc.

We were behind in a national accreditation bid for my midwifery training school, and with a quick and basic overview of what was needed she independently pulled together, organized and re-packaged the curriculum for a three-year academic program.

We would not have been able to meet our deadline had it not been for Louisa, and with this being our first introduction to the caliber of her work I can truly say that we were thrilled. I highly recommend her!

Jennie Joseph
Commonsense Childbirth Inc.