Blue Ninja empowers SMEs to thrive


Thanks Louisa for being my secret ‘weapon’

Louisa is the best rescue remedy whenever you have tech related issues. She knows her stuff, keeps calm, guides you through the steps and (important to me!) provides her service with a smile and great flexibility. My issue with my website is now solved – within one call, and it gets the traffic I want it to get. Thanks Louisa for being my secret ‘weapon’ when it comes to the tech my business needs!

Nicoline Huizinga

Louisa is a professional who knows her business

Louisa is a professional who knows her business and is adaptable to all levels of knowledge on her clients’ part. She was able to direct me to solve my technical issue on different levels and I very much appreciate her support, which led to me attracting more customers of my own!

Dr. Ioana Valea

It’s been a really helpful course

Starting a Business in the Netherlands has been a really helpful course and certainly felt like I’ve had you holding my hand at each step. I’ve made my appointment with the KvK and bought my domains which I definitely would not have done had I not done the course!

Claire Worland

Being an intern for Blue Ninja was an absolute joy

Being an intern for Blue Ninja was an absolute joy. With Julie and Louisa’s mentorship I developed my skills, particularly in article writing and social media marketing. In large part I have them to thank for my new position working with the Foreign Commonwealth and Development office utilizing skills I learnt from the Ninjas. If anyone’s considering an internship but isn’t sure, I couldn’t recommend it enough, especially with the Ninjas!

Marina Bendelow
Blue Ninja Internship 2020

Blue Ninja has been a huge asset in improving our social media visibility

Blue Ninja has been a huge asset in improving our social media visibility by implementing a social media strategy which has included designing, scheduling of regular posts and reporting.

Through their improvements they delivered and exceeded the targets set for them which has brought new leads into our company. We’re delighted to recommend Louisa and Julie from the quality work and value add they’ve provided.

Jay Evans

Blue ninja helped us to increase the workflow in Active campaign

Blue ninja helped us to increase the workflow in Active campaign, our email automation program.Our open rates increased and our click rates are also higher.

They both have a lot of expertise and were very helpful.

Tineke Rensen

Provides support across all areas of running a small business

What I really appreciate about the Blue Ninja concept is that it provides support across all areas of running a small business; practical, theoretical and often a shoulder to lean on!

Hannah Bayliss

Blue Ninja are injecting my website with some of their Ninja magic!

I was so proud of my website when I created it and it works to a certain degree.

But my business is growing and I needed some support to take it to the next level so Blue Ninja Business Support have reviewed my site and are injecting it with some of their Ninja magic!

Looking forward to this project. Such a great team.

Vanessa Paisley

Blue Ninja are brilliant at turning ideas into great marketing

I love working with Blue Ninja. They are brilliant at taking what we have done in workshops and turning it into great marketing.

Their strategic outlook and ability to create and simplify processes really comes across on our conversations.

Samantha Tonge

Like the Ninjas they are, they swept in and picked up everything I needed them to

I first worked with the Ninjas with another client of mine. I was immediately impressed by their efficiency and attention to detail.

As my company began to grow, I knew that I needed to ensure that certain aspects of the services I were offering were done well and competently, but I was lacking the time to train internal staff or do it myself. So I reached out to Julie and Louisa. Like the Ninjas they are, they swept in and picked up everything I needed them to.

I cannot recommend them enough if you are a start-up and need to get certain processes in place.

They will always be my go-to business support team if I have a new client or need help with extra work that my team don’t have the capacity for. I’m so grateful for their “can-do” attitudes and will hopefully be working with them for a long time to come!

Araminta Jonsson

Vital support for our automation project

I’ve been working with Louisa & Julie at Blue Ninja for several months to help shape and implement our automation project and associated virtual events.

They really helped me structure my own thinking and suggested & road-tested a new CRM solution, which is making a huge difference to how we manage our sales & donor pipelines.

They also designed & set up drip-feed emails for our pilot virtual event, which saved us hours of work and provided a template that we can use for future events.

I’m hugely grateful for the expert guidance, support and endless patience that the team provide and would thoroughly recommend their services.

Ricky Munday

Blue Ninja provided invaluable support, skills and structure to our NGO

In the year and a half our NGO has worked with Blue Ninja Business Support, they’ve provided invaluable support, skills and structure to our organisation which resulted in developing a detailed and robust business plan which enabled us to receive the much needed grant to enable us to support our membership moving forward. Their work was without exception excellent.

The team have aided us in several key areas of business planning with professional, efficient support including operational implementation, structural and strategic planning, Board management, event delivery and other high-level strategic deliverables.

Blue Ninja increased their scope accordingly to support the President, CEO, the Board, the Secretariat and the members themselves and interacted with the donor as required to work cohesively and became part of the team. They constantly re-prioritised in order to help us reach our ultimate goal of securing funds. There is no way we would have been able to achieve this important goal without the team’s guidance and support.

Their enthusiasm, can do attitude and skills has made it easy for us to partner with them, they’ve worked well with our team members, helping us to readjust to the changing landscape we now face.

We would love to work with Blue Ninja in the future and thank them for their hard work and patience with our fledgling NGO.


Blue Ninja is our ‘go to’ external support system

We have been working with Julie and Louisa since December 2018 and have been delighted with the support that Blue Ninja has given us.

Julie and Louisa have integrated well with our team and have supported us with the development of our CRM system and data management and process and procedure creation and documentation. They were invaluable during product research for a live event registration solution and also in providing live support with registration onsite at our flagship event in London, UK. Their ‘can do’ attitude, enthusiasm and forward thinking focus, coupled with a wide ranging skill set, objective eye and superb attention to detail has made them a pleasure to work with. They have been able to work to some very tight deadlines and have gone the extra mile and delivered beyond our expectations.

Julie and Louisa have been very flexible in order to meet our requirements and they’re currently helping us to re-adjust to this current changing landscape we now face.

Blue Ninja is our ‘go to’ external support system and we highly recommend their services.

Christophe Sauerwein

Fantastic job creating a new website for us

Louisa did an absolutely fantastic job at creating a new website for us at Thriving Life. We wanted a new look and feel but also wanted to implement quite complicated tools to allow our customers to browse, search and safely purchase our courses and products. Louisa put in a great deal of time and effort to understand who we are, our needs and desires.

She co-operated with a graphic designer and found technical solutions to implement it all in a way that is affordable and easy for us to update. Although creating a website is hard work, Louisa guided us safely through the process and we had fun along the way.

We are also very happy with the result. Thank you Louisa!

Berit Lewis

Louisa Stewart from Blue Ninja is a breath of fresh air

Louisa Stewart from Blue Ninja is a breath of fresh air! I am beyond impressed with the savvy and efficient way in which she stepped in and took on an extremely critical piece of work for my US-based non-profit organization Commonsense Childbirth Inc.

We were behind in a national accreditation bid for my midwifery training school, and with a quick and basic overview of what was needed she independently pulled together, organized and re-packaged the curriculum for a three-year academic program.

We would not have been able to meet our deadline had it not been for Louisa, and with this being our first introduction to the caliber of her work I can truly say that we were thrilled. I highly recommend her!

Jennie Joseph
Commonsense Childbirth Inc.

Listened to my thoughts, advised and created a stunning, functional website

I thoroughly recommend Louisa. 2 years ago I approached her to make me a new website. I was armed with some ideas scribbled in a notebook and a vision in my head. Louisa listened to my thoughts, advised and created a stunning, functional website that I could maintain and add to myself.

More recently, Louisa has once again stepped in and found the perfect solution helping me develop my working practice to a higher level. She has the wonderful ability to listen to requirements, create a plan of action, and deliver good results.

I look forward to working with Louisa again in the future.

Mandi-Baykaa Murray
The Feather Lady

The beginning of an excellent working relationship

I initially asked for Louisa’s help in preparing an HR Handbook Trello board which was delivered according to specification and promptly. A small job but the beginning of an excellent working relationship.

I call on Louisa whenever I have an organisational need for a client that I can’t fulfil myself be it lack of time or expertise. The biggest job so far has been preparing a comprehensive and complex document for my client as part of the process for accrediting a school in the USA. Again delivered according to specification and timely.

Louisa takes time to research the job spec, speak to / challenge the client and plan out the timescale. She also pays attention and advises if she sees any issues. I trust her ability to deliver any project that I put to her and highly recommend her to anyone needing support. I will definitely be requesting Louisa’s support for future tasks.

Carol Collier
Carol Collier Virtual Assistant International

Bright, sparky, quick, thorough and very capable

Louisa supported a major client of Cloudberry’s for over two years and has been an incredible help since she arrived. Here are some words they said about her:

“Bright, sparky, quick, thorough and very capable, Louisa is a delight to work with. She settled in quickly and got on with everyone. Louisa improved a number of key administrative and compliance processes which gave us back time to spend on the business.”

Cloudberry thanks her for all that she’s done and wishes her the very best for the future.

Rona Campbell
Cloudberry Virtual Assistant Services