About Us

Improving business efficiency, profitability, and performance

Blue Ninja Founder Louisa Stewart sitting on a table drinking coffee

Louisa Stewart


With unique experience as a high-level administrator and an award-winning Virtual Assistant (VA), Louisa has almost two decades of experience, both in the public and private sectors. As a result, she has a deep understanding of the complexity of business management practises.

Throughout her career, Louisa has realised that rather than businesses needing to fit into the mold of software and systems, the software and systems need to work for the business.

A passion for tech, a love of automation, and expertise in user journey management give Louisa the ability to spot issues, gaps, and opportunities where others couldn’t connect the dots.

But more than anything, Louisa is a problem-solver at heart. Guiding you to the solutions needed by businesses like yours is at the essence of everything she does. As a result, the Blue Ninja approach is personal, with solutions tailored to exactly what your business needs for long-term success.

Awards & Accolades

Meet our team of Ninjas

Blue Ninja team member Sarah Folan


Project Manager

Sarah has a wealth of expertise in developing and managing complex projects. She is a business manager with a demonstrated and proven successful background working in media. 

Blue Ninja team member Charlotte Waters


Client Operations Administration

Charlotte is an efficient and experienced VA who supports clients with their projects administration and operations management.

Blue Ninja team member Liz Hamilton


Automations Specialist

Liz has a wealth of experience with Zapier and Make/Integromat, creating automations to help businesses operate in a responsive, accurate, effective and repeatable manner, whilst saving time and money.

Blue Ninja team member Niall


Digital / Media Manager

Niall is a gifted digital marketing manager with experience in developing written content for a wide range of clients and industries. With expertise in Meta and Google ads, developing digital products and other media, Niall brings to the team a wealth of knowledge and creative management.

Blue Ninja team member Darko Dimitrovski


Web Development & Domain Management

Darko has many years of experience in building and managing websites, specialising in Elementor. His background is in Full Stack Development and this brings a wide range of skills and expertise to the web development space.

Blue Ninja team member Mandy Collins


Operations / Strategic Advisor

Mandy is our strategist and provides creative thinking and planning advice. She is an expert in business operations and provides insight into business direction and change management.

Blue Ninja team member Rebecca


Social Media Manager

Rebecca is our social media manager and provides her expertise to communicate our message externally. With years of experience as a digital marketing expert, she works with the team on scoping and crafting our content. 


IT Manager

Neil is our go-to GSuite and Microsoft Outlook specialist, with expertise in setting up complex team structures and setting up secure business practices. Neil assists with client IT strategy and operational best practice.


Graphic Design

Suz is a talented graphic designer with experience in creating visually compelling designs and assisting to execute client projects visual requirements such as eBooks, promotions and resources.  


The Values of a Ninja

Blue Ninja infographic - tailored support

We are Problem Solvers

First and foremost, we are driven by a desire to get to the heart of your issues. We study both the big and smaller pictures, to provide a creative solution you need to feel confident that the systems and software you use work the way you need them to.

Blue Ninja infographic - accessible service

We are a Value-Added Service

We use our varied years of experience to bring fresh perspectives to your systems and software challenges. Sometimes this involves using creative solutions and plans to help you reach your goals. You want your business to grow efficiently and sustainably in a streamlined way. So do we!

Blue Ninja infographic - collaborators

We are Flexible and Adaptable

Flexibility and adaptability are fundamental to building healthy and long-term working relationships. You can trust us as your reliable partner. We are proactively monitoring the latest updates of systems and software so we can handle any change that gets thrown your way quickly and calmly.

Blue Ninja infographic - collaborators

We are Collaborators

We work with experts across a whole range of fields and industries to provide you with the best possible service. Creative solutions are key to success – and if we can’t provide one, we’ll find someone who can.

We are Blue Ninja: Problem-solving, analysis and education to provide systems and software solutions for SMEs.