every business needs a ninja

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Our Team of Ninjas

Louisa Stewart

Louisa Stewart


Louisa understands the complexity of business administration.  She has more than 18 years of experience in international administrative support across a number of sectors including public and private. Louisa sees how processes fit together and has a talent for spotting gaps and opportunities. Louisa’s skills are wide-ranging and her skillset is tailored to the client’s requirements. Louisa brings a fresh way of thinking and new ideas to her projects and adds value wherever she can.

VA of the Year Scotland – 2017

Runner-up UK Outstanding VA – 2018

Graduate 2018 – The Virtual Assistant Coaching & Training (VACT) Mastery Course

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Julie Taylor

Julie Taylor


Julie has a strong delivery ethic and an eye for detail from working in a fast paced, deadline driven environment with frequent and challenging time-critical requirements she has needed the balance of prioritisation and getting things right first time during her 14-year career in Financial Services. Analysis and providing the value add are core to her everyday work and from designing and implementing processes, challenging processes that don’t work or suggesting where they could be improved are second nature.

Dutch Language Level 1 (A1-A2) 2020

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Blue Ninja Awards & Accolades

In November 2020 Blue Ninja Business Support was shortlisted for the Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) SME Entrepreneur of The Year alongside other great companies.

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every business needs a ninja

How Blue Ninja Got Started

Award-winning Virtual Assistant (VA) Louisa Stewart had been an office administrator since 2005. She relocated from Australia to the UK when a work opportunity presented itself.

Louisa worked for years with public health organisations and was on an administrative journey which can only be described as a ‘baptism of fire’ and required rapid upskilling.

After many years working with a global team, Louisa perfected her problem-solving skills and saw a gap in the market for this type of administrative consultancy – Blue Ninja was born.

Blue Ninja Consulting worked with local and international companies until a chance encounter on social media between Julie and Louisa, brought forth the opportunity of joining forces and creating a new and improved Blue Ninja, registered in the Netherlands.

Julie Taylor started her career in customer service and European sales before moving into Financial Services and relocating from her hometown in Yorkshire to Edinburgh. 14 years working in two of the four largest banks in the UK included a lot of change including weathering the financial crisis.  Julie carried out various reporting, management information, analyst and relationship manager roles before moving on to be an independent contractor.

Julie has applied previous knowledge and experience to lead virtual teams, as well as creating and continually improving processes and applying best practice within the Project Management Office (PMO).

Blue Ninja Business Support is an excellent opportunity to blend our skills and knowledge into a value add for businesses – every business needs a ninja!

Why the name Blue Ninja?

Administrators are like ninjas who are in the background, working quietly and efficiently, supporting teams and delivering time and time again tasks that often people really don’t enjoy doing. 

You don’t always see a ninja, but you know that they’ve been there. They make things seem effortless and easy – two words that in practice are definitely the result of hard work, thought and patience!

Blue is quite simply Louisa’s favourite colour.

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