Blue Ninja

Systems and Software Expertise for SMEs

As a business owner, you just want things to work.

It could be that you need a new system, but you don’t know how to find the right option for you.

Or that you’re using too many different software, and none are performing the way you need them to.

Or maybe you’re still managing your back office manually, which is no longer sustainable for you or your business.

Your business is unique. Ultimately, you need to find the right systems and software to streamline your admin and free up your precious time for more important tasks.

Our expertise helps you do both.

We are Blue Ninja: Problem-solving, analysis and education to provide systems and software solutions for SMEs.

Meet Your Ninjas

Louisa Stewart founded Blue Ninja driven by almost two decades of experience in complex problem-solving, a keen interest in all things software, and a passion for empowering people to feel confident in their systems through truly personal service.

Now, we work with English-speaking small to medium enterprises (SME) and clients around the world to help you simplify your operations, find the best software for your needs, and set up your internal systems for long-term success.

The Blue Ninja Experience

“Blue Ninja empowers SMEs to thrive by improving efficiency and simplification through thoughtful analysis and problem-solving.”

Improve Business Efficiency

With so many systems and software out there, choosing the right ones – and learning how to use them – can become a minefield. Let us design the right solution for you, freeing up your time to focus on the bits you love most.

Tailored Support

Your Ninja will be beside you every step of the way, so you’re building a relationship with a partner you can really trust. We aren’t tied to one provider, so any software and system recommendations we make are fully objective and chosen with your requirements in mind.

Personal, Accessible Service

The world of software and systems comes with a lot of overcomplicated jargon. But it doesn’t need to be this way. We speak your language and will always explain things in simple terms to provide information in an accessible and objective way, empowering you to make your own decisions.

Plus, we’ll make the process so seamless, that you’ll hardly know we were there. That’s the true skill of a ninja.

How We Help You

Lead and Customer Management

    • CRM Implementation
    • Research
    • Development
    • Maintenance
    • Improvement
    • Email marketing flows
    • Marketing Automations
    • Documentation
    • Website Integration

Internal Systems Improvement

    • Client onboarding & Offboarding
    • Project Management
    • Systems Optimisation

External Systems Improvement

    • Website Maintenance
    • System integrations & automation


Not sure which services you need?

Tell us about your challenges and we’ll see how we can help.

Does Your Business Need a Ninja?

You only have 24 hours in a day.

And often, administrative back-office tasks can take up hours of your precious time, when you need to be spending it working with your clients and growing your business to its full potential.

Plus, as an SME, you might not have the resources to add a full-time team member to manage these tasks – or the time to train them.

Enter Blue Ninja!

Small changes can make a huge impact. We don’t have to rewrite the rulebook – we will be a supportive partner who unravels complex technical setups to create a logical and straightforward system that you enjoy using.

Integrating, automating, and implementing software and systems to streamline your business.

What is a Ninja?

A ninja is a problem-solver: and that is exactly what you need. We evaluate your existing systems, find your ultimate problem and areas for improvement, and find a creative solution to make it happen. Plus, we’re agile on our feet if your requirements change.

A ninja is aligned with your brand: We work to understand your goals, take complex technical tasks off your desk, and show you the human side of automation – making your business growth smooth sailing.

A ninja is an extension of your team: Let us be your supportive partner. With almost two decades of experience, you can trust us to give you an honest and balanced view of your current systems and software – and offer a flexible and adaptable approach to making improvements.

Not sure what you need? Let’s have a chat and get to the heart of the problem to set you up for success.

Blue ninja helped us to increase the workflow in Active campaign

Blue ninja helped us to increase the workflow in Active campaign, our email automation program. Our open rates increased and our click rates are also higher. They both have a lot of expertise and were very helpful.

Tineke Rensen

Louisa is a professional who knows her business

Louisa is a professional who knows her business and is adaptable to all levels of knowledge on her clients’ part. She was able to direct me to solve my technical issue on different levels and I very much appreciate her support, which led to me attracting more customers of my own!

Dr. Ioana Valea

Like the Ninjas they are, they swept in and picked up everything I needed them to

I first worked with the Ninjas with another client of mine. I was immediately impressed by their efficiency and attention to detail. As my company began to grow, I knew that I needed to ensure that certain aspects of the services I were offering were done well and competently, but I was lacking the time to train internal staff or do it myself. So I reached out to Julie and Louisa. Like the Ninjas they

Araminta Jonsson

Thanks Louisa for being my secret ‘weapon’

Louisa is the best rescue remedy whenever you have tech related issues. She knows her stuff, keeps calm, guides you through the steps and (important to me!) provides her service with a smile and great flexibility. My issue with my website is now solved – within one call, and it gets the traffic I want it to get. Thanks Louisa for being my secret ‘weapon’ when it comes to the tech my business needs!

Nicoline Huizinga

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