Your Process Warriors

We look at what you do and work with
you to improve your processes and procedures.

Our Promise to Clients

We promise to be honest with you, protect
your confidentiality and present opportunities
to bring value to your business processes.

Who are we?


Blue Ninja Business Support is an innovative company working internationally to apply best practice to business processes.

We love process improvement. We see a business running optimally by engagement of its people, processes and procedures.

5 Reasons why businesses need smooth processes

Documented processes and procedures mean that induction of new staff is quick and easy, so they can get started in their new role as soon as possible.

Time is precious. Decision makers do not want to be repeatedly approached for further clarification on how to deliver. Their inputs should be documented clearly and correctly then implemented as is necessary.

Businesses want people to be involved only when required (minimising unnecessary touch points), manage what is required and to deliver the process goal effectively.

Contingency planning is critical in ensuring procedures are delivered as documented. These ‘hit by a bus’ scenarios are important for businesses to recognise. Therefore, if something happened to a member of the team someone else can pick up and deliver.

An internal process review should be seen as an opportunity to review and manage processes – it should be seen as a positive part of the plan. Communication is critical for teams to address issues and a review can help facilitate a dialogue to do this.

Businesses want processes and procedures that run smoothly and work efficiently.

Our Experience

Using our combined 30 plus years of experience from different sectors and a track record in quality process and procedure development and management, we take ownership of each piece of work or “project” through to delivery.

We Care

We care about what is delivered, ensuring the job is done well and to deadline. We enjoy the process of working with our clients, to understand how the pieces fit together, who does what, by when and how work can be better optimised.

Ethics & Values

Our ethics and values are solid and we are passionate about delivering quality outcomes. Our positive ‘can do’ attitude, strong interpersonal skills and ability to work both onsite and virtually allow us to support internal teams and departments seamlessly.

We Check In

We are inquisitive about what people are trying to achieve and make sure we meet the scope and deliverables. Updates are provided as and when required with further questions and investigation to make sure we’re hitting the mark. 

Why Choose Blue Ninja? 

We Love a Challenge

Who loves a challenge? We do! We are driven to fix things long term, using our attention to detail and ability to clearly document processes. We consider best practice and continuous improvement as critical factors to contribute to a long term strategy.

We are Self-Motivated

Dealing with change is nothing new to us. Having relocated internationally, we’ve had to be self-motivated and are dynamic in our lives, continually pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone. We are calm under pressure and are fun to be around.

We Think Differently

We think creatively about the end result and suggest alternative approaches drawing from our different backgrounds, bringing a varied perspective. We ask questions that may not have been thought of and will flag opportunities to our clients.

We Are International

We work with a global mindset. Our team has years of experience working with international teams. We have a strong awareness of cultural differences and we ensure all stakeholders are included in the journey when working with clients.

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