Your business is unique, and so are your needs.

As a business owner, you know that realising your big dreams for scaling and growth, requires solid systems and processes that can handle your success.

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Welcome to Blue Ninja, the place to get advice and support for systems and software.

Too Many Options

Perhaps you’re looking for a new system, but with so many option out there, you’re not sure what will work best for you and your team.

Duct-Taped Solutions

Over the years, you have duct-taped so many systems together as you built your business, that none of it is working the way it should and your team is wasting valuable time of work-arounds.

Manual Work

Or you are still managing your back office manually, which leads to costly mistakes and is not sustainable for the growth you envision.

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You need to find the right systems and software to streamline your admin and improve productivity for your team, so you free up precious time for more important tasks.

Our expertise helps you do both.

We provide guidance and implementation of custom requirements for SMEs based around business data, automation, information workflows and business promotion.

We help you create a solid systems foundation on which to grow your business. Whether through a tailor-made process or with the help of our community in the Blue Ninja Membership Academy, we have support for SMEs at every level.

Bespoke Business Support

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With a small team it can be challenging to find the time to fully think through, understand and develop workflows or to really identify goals and visualise the bigger picture. Often, you are only paying attention to one or two parts of a delivery plan, and lack the in-house knowledge to truly understand how processes and systems interact with each other.

That’s where we come in! Our small team of experts delivers a project management centralised focus and structured service that aligns with implementation and reporting to give clients a solid overview of what their requirements are, what’s been delivered, how we’ve done it, how they can do it themselves, and what the data tells us. We don’t just show up to talk you through it, we arrive with a sense of curiosity about your business and ambitions and temporarily become part of your team to help you shape your ideas and goals in a comprehensive partnership.

It’s a balancing act for businesses, as it can be a leap of faith to step back and bring in a company that comes in with a lot of questions and ideas. But investing in the right software is a long-term strategic plan. Get it wrong and you will need to fix the issues down the line. So our focus is to present options to help your business make the right decisions on their systems at the point where they need clarity and honesty, something we take very seriously. Our goal is always to provide the right systems and software to fit the requirements of our clients, rather than imposing our own favourite tools onto the client as it may not be what they need.

Blue Ninja Membership Academy for SMEs!

The Blue Ninja Membership Academy is your gateway to essential tech knowledge.

Navigate the ever-changing tech landscape free from distractions and self-promotions. Get up-to-date insights, apply your learning, and grow. Connect with peers, share challenges, and find solutions in a community dedicated to nurturing your growth and empowering you to better manage your systems.

Come to the place where expertise meets innovation and transform valuable knowledge into real-world business innovation and success.

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The Blue Ninja Experience

“Blue Ninja empowers SMEs to thrive by improving efficiency and simplification through thoughtful analysis and problem-solving.”

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Improve Business Efficiency

We ask all the questions to truly understand your needs and goals, so we can give you our best guidance.

We have a keen understanding of information flows and how systems and processes interact with each other, allowing us to keep a close eye on the bigger picture.

Let us design the right solution for you, freeing up your time to focus on the bits of your business you love most.

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Personal, Accessible Service

The world of software and systems comes with a lot of overcomplicated jargon. But it doesn’t need to be this way. We speak your language and will always explain things in simple terms to provide information in an accessible and objective way, empowering you to make your own decisions.

We aren’t tied to one provider, so any software and system recommendations we make are fully objective and chosen with your requirements in mind.

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Tailored Support

We’re not just automation experts or data management specialists. We are skilled in project and change management and will support you and your team with everything from planning to implementation. Your ninja will be beside you every step of the way, so you’re building a relationship with a partner you can really trust.

Plus, we’ll make the process so seamless, that you’ll hardly know we were there. That’s the true skill of a ninja.

Would you like to know if we are the right team to help you get your business ready to scale?

Data Management

CRM Implementation

System Research

Workflow Development

System Maintenance

Data Optimisation

Email Marketing Flows

System Automation

Process Documentation

Software Integration

Internal Systems Optimisation

Client Onboarding & Offboarding

Project Management

Systems Optimisation

Team Training

Lead Funnels

Asset Developmnet

External Visibility

Website Maintenance

System Integrations & Automation

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