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Why does a business need a Ninja?

Blue Ninja provides bespoke services that help businesses reach their growth and profit potential.

We understand business operations and help to improve time consuming and often critical tasks. What looks like a small piece of work can often turn into a large project so we work with you to manage and streamline these deliverables.

We are backed by more than 30 years of experience in process development, project management and administrative management in its many forms and have the skills, knowledge, tools and techniques to support your business. We work internationally, across multiple sectors and cross-culturally and cut through the complications to look for the most logical and best way to work.

What Will Blue Ninja Bring To Your Business?

We are a value-added service

We streamline current working practices and processes therefore saving time and money in the long term. By resolving long term issues or making them easier to manage, this frees up resources that can be used elsewhere.

We offer a flexible approach

Our flexible, virtual service approach provides opportunities for smoother operations and effective outputs. Blue Ninja’s services encourage optimal engagement of people, processes and procedures.

We are proactive in our approach

We provide bespoke business support for continued efficiency, using our attention to detail and ability to clearly document processes. We consider best practice and continuous improvement as critical factors to contribute to a long-term strategy that is of the highest quality.


We are sensitive to business needs

Dealing with change is nothing new to us. We are calm under pressure and focus on the deliverables. The Blue Ninja team are passionate about making your business processes the most efficient that they can be.

We adapt to each business's needs

We think creatively about the end result and suggest alternative approaches drawing from our different backgrounds, bringing a varied perspective. We bring a fresh perspective to business thinking and will flag opportunities to our clients.

We work with a global mindset

We are diligent and think internationally. Our team have years of experience working with international companies. We have a strong awareness of cultural differences and we ensure all relevant stakeholders are included in the journey when working with clients.

Choose Your Ninja

What Can A Ninja Do For You? 

  • Be a valuable support function.
  • Provide a proactive approach to your needs.
  • Develop a trusting relationship and be sensitive to your team.
  • Offer a flexible and adaptive resource to support your business.
  • Help you to showcase the key elements of your team and your business.
  • Bring an experienced, objective and honest view of what your business needs to improve operations. 

What Will Blue Ninja Bring To Your Business?

Be smart with your money

Businesses want to streamline time and costs by bringing in the right people with the right skills at the right time. Outsourcing is the perfect way to do this in order to manage priorities and deliver the business goals effectively.

Planning well makes you efficient

Planning is critical in ensuring procedures are delivered as documented. By documenting processes and procedures, the team will be more efficient. Also, if something happens to a team member someone else can pick up those tasks and deliver. 

Seeing the bigger picture

Managing projects requires understanding the bigger picture whilst overseeing all the moving parts. Understanding how the pieces fit together can be a powerful asset to your business. 

Optimising your communication

Reviewing administrative functions is an opportunity to optimise processes – it should be viewed as a positive part of the plan rather than a business burden. Communication is critical for teams to raise issues and a review can help facilitate these.

Utilise skilled virtual resources

Teams of any size will find value in having an extra support, a fresh point of view and relieve some pressure. Virtual business support applies knowledge, skills and best practice and can be a valuable asset when needed. 

Run your business efficiently

Businesses should run smoothly and work efficiently. Applying virtual business support can make this a reality. Businesses need to adapt and change to remain viable in their market.  

Who Are Blue Ninja?

Blue Ninja Business Support is an innovative company based in The Netherlands working internationally with English speaking businesses to apply best practice to virtual business management.

Co-managed by Julie Taylor and Louisa Stewart, our mission is to help businesses reach their growth and profit potential while simplifying their working lives.

Using our expertise we deliver bespoke services and aim to streamline your operations and improve time consuming tasks to optimise your working practices. 


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