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The right customer relationship platform is critical to be able to effectively manage your contacts, clients, community and conduct your marketing to allow your business to grow.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you convert your leads and opportunities to clients?

  • How do you manage your client information? 

  • Do you have a smooth process for contracting or onboarding your clients, as well as client completion or offboarding?

  • What are your business priorities?

  • Do you have the right tools and systems that work for you?

If you’re not sure about any of your answers then it’s time to develop yourself and your business with a team to help you establish your goals, examine where you are currently and explore options to grow. 

Let’s Ninja it! 


Arrange a free call to discuss your needs

What support do you need? You may not be quite ready to answer that question but that’s what we are here for! Tell us a little bit about yourself and we’ll introduce ourselves to you. Let’s get our heads together and work out what will help make your business journey much easier.

“Julie and Louisa have integrated well with our team and have supported us with the development of our CRM system and data management” – Christophe 

“Like the Ninjas they are, they swept in and picked up everything I needed them to.” – Minta 



White & Orange Belt


White Belt: Discovery Call

A discovery call will help you to talk through what your business does in detail.

At the end of a discovery call, you will have a clear idea of ways you can improve your business through management, tools, and planning. You will receive a recording of the call and a summary of your next steps, a blueprint to get you started. 

Orange Belt: Building your foundations

Businesses need good foundations to grow and we can help build and strengthen these with you. We will work with you to improve your business plan to support you to define and achieve your goals.


*Prices exclude TAX/BTW


Business Packages

Whatever phase your business is in, your aim is to focus on your clients and give time to develop yourself. Stop spending hours on your business tasks. Let a Ninja streamline, outsource and automate them. 

We’ve got you covered by a range of packages that will fit what you need. You are focussed on assisting and guiding others; let our Ninja’s experience and skills guide you to business optimisation heaven! 

Don’t see what you want? No problem! We want to help you succeed and can chat with you about what will work for your business. 


What you get as part of your package:

Any elements of a white or orange belt plus the following support areas:

CRM Development

CRM Journey

Client Onboarding & Offboarding

Mailing List Management

Project Management

Social Media Management

Facebook / LinkedIn Group Management

Content Development

Data Maintenance

Team Task Management

Website Maintenance

Software Management

Document Management

Blog / Content consolidation & Repurposing

Automation Development

Passive Income Development

*Prices exclude TAX/BTW

What’s in a Ninja toolbox? 

Our CRM of choice is Active Campaign

 “ActiveCampaign gives you the email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer   experiences.”

We found its flexibility for emailing, setting up automations and forms as well as linking it to websites so valuable and recommend it because we believe it’s a great product. We have expertise in implementing it with clients and they have very happy with the results. 

Each CRM has its pros and cons and they don’t all work the same way. We will work with you to find a CRM that will work for you, rather than trying to fit your work to the CRM! 

We have many years’ experience using Microsoft Office and G-Suite and utilising our automation tool of choice – – we can make the magic happen. For branding and design, we love Canva. It’s a creative and versatile software that allows creativity to flow. We may recommend using a designer for logos, branding and long-term design, but for your social media posts, videos, presentations then Canva can be a big asset. 

We are very active on social media and hope you will follow us. We write our own blogs and create and edit our own videos.  

*We use affiliate links. Please note that by clicking on a link from our site, we may earn a small affiliate commission for any purchases you make but you will not be charged any more for your purchase.

Louisa Stewart

A Bit About Louisa

    • Award-Winning Virtual Assistant
    • Problem-Solving Ninja
    • CRM Implementation Asset
Louisa Stewart

A Bit About Julie

    • Project Management Professional
    • People Connector
    • Business Data Ninja

What I really appreciate about the Blue Ninja concept is that it provides support across all areas of running a small business; practical, theoretical and often a shoulder to lean on!

Hannah Bayliss

Driftwood Distillery

I was so proud of my website when I created it and it works to a certain degree.

But my business is growing and I needed some support to take it to the next level so Blue Ninja Business Support have reviewed my site and are injecting it with some of their Ninja magic!

Looking forward to this project. Such a great team.

Vanessa Paisley

Paisley Communication

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