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Reputation Management

We simplify the process of getting 5-star reviews from your clients so that you will build trust, show higher in search results and be chosen above the competition. We then connect up your platforms, to automatically manage and showcase your best reviews on your website easily.

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About Pramaze

As a consumer, we are all influenced by the review score of a business or product when searching online. Simplify the process of getting 5-star reviews from your clients by making it easy for them.

Build trust, appear higher in search results and be chosen above the competition to ensure the success of your business. We encourage any negative feedback to be submitted privately so that you continue the relationship with all your customers and have the ability to rectify anything that went wrong away from public view.

We also make it easy and automated to showcase the best reviews on your website from platforms like Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and more… again, building trust and confirming that your business is the one that the prospective customer should choose to do business with.

Blue Ninja have established a partnership with Pramaze to offer a genuine process of collecting and showcasing reviews from your clients, particularly 5-star reviews – who doesn’t love those!

The system works in partnership with your website, allowing your clients to submit reviews easily via an appropriate platform that works for you, then updates your reviews where you wish quickly and efficiently.

Someone not happy? The system will allow you to review those submissions to make sure you’re portraying your company in the best of light and allow you a chance to liaise with the client on why they gave the review they did.

Find out more about how it works from Ian from Pramaze.

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