What does working virtually mean? 

What is virtual work?

What does working virtually mean? One of the first questions Blue Ninja are usually asked is where are we based. The second question is what does virtual mean. In the world of working virtually, or remotely from an office, location is almost secondary now to the ability to deliver.

Location does matter in business but as businesses move towards fully online systems the requirement to be on-site to provide administrative support is reducing.

Technology and software have changed extensively over the last 10 years. Even the last 5 years have dramatically changed the online landscape. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online banking did not exist 20 years ago. Developing a website was a complex and often expensive undertaking and administration support was usually structured around staff and temporary workers.

Online systems are getting better at automated delivery

The development of online systems has opened up a whole new world of business, with the ability to manage businesses completely online. As online systems improve, businesses can now be run single-handedly with the ability to automate many tasks that no longer need to be staffed.

Virtual is defined as not physically existing, but the concept of virtual working is still to have someone operating in a trusted role within the business construct, but in a way that you physically do not see them for the majority of the work. We work alongside the team with deliverables and structure.

Building trust takes time

There are different viewpoints depending on what industry you work in and how comfortable you are with using remote support. From experience, it takes time to build a relationship with people who are new and unfamiliar with you. Trust takes time, and the scope of a remote business may be difficult to understand. In stark contrast, a fairly new online business may have no hesitation in outsourcing to a remote business as they understand the nature of online business and a virtual team structure.

Adapting to change is critical

Business owners need to adapt. As more business functions move solely online, as well as banking and business systems, there is a real need for businesses to get on board with the virtual environment. Virtual businesses such as Blue Ninja can help transition businesses from a paper-based / office structure to an online structure. We do this by listening and learning to how your business works, then offering solutions to fit the business needs.

There are specialists in all levels of business who can also provide support so it’s not just our business who can assist with transitioning, and often we will recommend others to assist, but businesses need someone who can understand who they are and what they need.

Businesses can save money using a virtual business

Virtual also means cost saving in a lot of ways. By not hiring employees but using virtual support, businesses are taking a lot of cost elements out of traditionally office-based roles. We as a business do not want to replace the teams already in place but provide an extra level of assistance. There are positions, however, that are integral to the business structure and your organisational chart should identify these as such.

Teams are being asked to deliver more than ever before, with less time and less training. Virtual businesses like Blue Ninja can help to take some of the pressure off the team and allow them to focus on delivery of their tasks, whilst being supported virtually. The key is clear communication, written deliverables and a process of reporting and reflection.

If you are curious to know more about how a virtual business could support you don’t hesitate to get in touch at admin@blueninja.eu.

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