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As a busy business owner, you are constantly focusing on engaging and helping your clients. In the process, you’re also developing your business, and yourself!

Sometimes, business development – and the systems and software you use to do it – become too time-consuming, technical, and complicated for you to manage alone.

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions…

  • Am I clear on my business and my priorities?
  • How am I managing client information?
  • How do I convert interested leads to paying clients?
  • Do I have a smooth process for onboarding and offboarding clients?
  • How am I managing contracts and invoicing?
  • Am I using the right systems and software that work for me and make my life easier?

It’s time to get a Ninja involved!

At Blue Ninja, we offer a full business support experience, solving your problems through systems and software expertise and collaboration with experts.

Improving efficiency, systems analysis, and simplifying your back office are just a few of the ways we can help.

Starting with a full business health check, our bespoke packages are designed to fit businesses at all stages of growth, leaving you with the time, clarity, and peace of mind you need to work with your clients.

This add-on package is only available after completing a White Belt Deep Dive. This allows us to get to know your business and understand how we can best support you. Find out more on our Services page. 

All prices are listed excluding 21% BTW (VAT). 

Zapier Integrations

An integration is a very clever and powerful little thing. It allows you to link different systems and software together in such a way that those two systems talk to each other and pull data from one to the other.

‘With great zaps comes great responsibility’

You must test and understand what you’re linking though, otherwise there is potential for disaster! Integrations can be very useful but you need to know what data you’re pulling through, what you’re doing with it and why.

An example of this could be you wish to run a zoom webinar but also want to have those registrants appear in your CRM. You can create a ‘zap’ that pulls the registration information from Zoom and adds it to your database, with an all important tag or identifier that tells you where you have gathered that information (remember your GDPR).

Using Zapier, we can offer automation solutions by installing systems that reduce your manual tasks.

Prices start at €14 per month (£12 pm)

This add-on package is only available to businesses that have gone through a White Belt Deep Dive.

Find out more here.

Zapier Package 1

  • Up to 5 Zaps with 2 actions per zap
  • Up to 200 tasks per month
  • 1 Premium app

€14 per month (£12 pm)

Zapier Package 2

  • Up to 7 Zaps with 2 actions per zap
  • Up to 500 tasks per month
  • 3 Premium apps

€19 per month (£22 pm)

Zapier Package 3

  • Up to 10 Zaps with 5 actions per zap
  • Up to 2000 tasks per month
  • 5 Premium apps

€26 per month (£29 pm)

What are zaps?

Zaps are the connection between two systems. This is done by an integration whereby connecting your account to Zapier you can find the data fields then link those to another account.

What are actions?

An action is where data from one account is pulled through into the other. For instance, if a person subscribes to your mailing address, and you want to add that person to your CRM, a Zap will pull their data through from one place to another. One person added = one action. You can have multiple actions by triggering more tasks with that data, for instance add a person plus add them to an automation. One person added = two actions.

What are Premium apps?

These are systems that have extra features in order to use, and therefore the app is more complicated and considered Premium. Many apps you will most likely use are not Premium, but if you are wanting to connect Facebook ads, or eCommerce they will be Premium. Check here for Zapier’s Premium apps list –

How does it work?

All zaps are connected via a Blue Ninja account. Therefore you will be asked to provide login information securely in order to link your apps. By running it through one account we are sharing the costs of running automations together, but rest assured your data is secure. The pricing has been set up to be fair and manageable for you, and allow the Blue Ninja team to build your apps, manage the zaps and coordinate with Zapier to keep costs down.

You will be charged a fee per month even if you don’t use all your zaps, but bear in mind this is significantly cheaper than manually updating data from one place to another and will save you so much time in the long run. Automation is extremely efficient, but you do need some technical expertise and we have Zapier experts on the team who can help with this.

If you wish to add or change the nature of your Zaps you can do so as much as you wish. Email and we will work with you to make those changes.

It may be that we are unable to link your data as you wish. We hope we can complete all your automations with minimal issue but it can happen that we don’t have the options to do what you need. We will communicate this to you and will guide you to what is available and find a workable option with you.

We are Blue Ninja.

Problem-solving, analysis and education to provide systems and software solutions for SMEs.

I first worked with the Ninjas with another client of mine. I was immediately impressed by their efficiency and attention to detail.

As my company began to grow, I knew that I needed to ensure that certain aspects of the services I were offering were done well and competently, but I was lacking the time to train internal staff or do it myself. So I reached out to them. Like the Ninjas they are, they swept in and picked up everything I needed them to.

I cannot recommend them enough if you are a start-up and need to get certain processes in place.

Araminta Jonsson

Mint Creative Marketing

Blue ninja helped us to increase the workflow in Active campaign, our email automation program.

Our open rates increased and our click rates are also higher.

Tineke Rensen

Powerful Business Academy

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