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Streamline your business with Blue Ninja

Streamline Your Business

As a busy business owner, you are constantly focusing on engaging and helping your clients. In the process, you’re also developing your business, and yourself!

Sometimes, business development – and the systems and software you use to do it – become too time-consuming, technical, and complicated for you to manage alone.

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions…

  • Am I clear on my business and my priorities?
  • How am I managing client information?
  • How do I convert interested leads to paying clients?
  • Do I have a smooth process for onboarding and offboarding clients?
  • How am I managing contracts and invoicing?
  • Am I using the right systems and software that work for me and make my life easier?

It’s time to get a Ninja involved!


At Blue Ninja, we offer a full business support experience, solving your problems through systems and software expertise and collaboration with experts.

Improving efficiency, systems analysis, and simplifying your back office are just a few of the ways we can help.

Starting with a full business health check, our bespoke packages are designed to fit businesses at all stages of growth, leaving you with the time, clarity, and peace of mind you need to work with your clients.

All prices are listed excluding 21% BTW (VAT). 

Business Journey Deep Dive

Any project, regardless of size, begins with a Deep Dive.

This is how we get to know your business in detail. Understanding the bigger picture is key to providing creative solutions to your systems and software problems.

Success starts with a secure and structured plan. This method is to support you and ease the pressure and stress that you may be feeling with your processes, systems, and software.

We do not judge your choices and will provide you with options that will best fit your needs. Implementation of the report findings is not included as part of the Deep Dive – the purpose is to find your key problems and identify potential solutions.

We have two Deep Dive options available – a full Business Journey Deep Dive and a Mini Deep Dive. 


Here is what’s included in your Business Journey Deep Dive:

  • 60-minute call to discuss your business in detail and to get to know your workflows and use of different systems and software. The more information you give us, the better we understand the big picture!
  • Development of a process map of your business structure, showing the flow of your systems and software, depending on your requirements.
  • A Deep Dive report based on our findings, including the next steps.

Priced at €530 (£465)


Here is what’s included in your Mini Deep Dive:

  • Pre-call business analysis and review
  • 60-minute call to discuss your business in detail and to get to know your workflows and use of different systems and software. The more information you give us, the better we understand the big picture!
  • Recording of the call for your own follow up and actions

Priced at €120 (£105)

Other Ninja Belts

Now your Deep Dive has been completed, you’re ready to jump into the most exciting part – implementing the changes! Once we have agreed the actions needed based on the findings of your Deep Dive, these can be completed with one of the below packages.

These belts are on-demand – a set number of hours needed for systems and software setup and implementation, based on the outcome of the Deep Dive.

On Demand

Orange Belt

10 Hours of Support

€580 / £495

Green Belt

20 Hours of Support

€1175 / £950

Blue Belt

40 Hours of Support

€2050 / £1800

Please note: As these hours are on-demand, they expire after 6 months. The quote provided for these hours will expire 3 months after you receive your Deep Dive report, at which point a new proposal will be required and the price may be subject to change.

Retained Hours

If you require more regular support, a retained Ninja package will be most suitable for you. Objectives will be pre-agreed and will focus on the implementation of key tasks, for example, email management, project management, data analytics, and other support as needed and agreed.

Brown Belt

Minimum 30 hours of support per month

(Min. 6-month commitment)

€1300 / pm [£1150 / pm]

Additional time is charged at €45 (£40) per hour

Black Belt

Minimum 50 hours of support per month

(min. 12-month commitment)

€2050 / pm [£1800 / pm]

Additional time is charged at €43 (£38) per hour

We are Blue Ninja: Problem-solving, analysis and education to provide systems and software solutions for SMEs.

Ninja Add-Ons

Add-ons are available to anyone who has gone through a Deep Dive. You do not need to be in any of the other Ninja belts to be able to take advantage of these. 

These add-ons have been developed with SMEs in mind – optimising costs and bringing a strategic element to business development.

Not sure what you need, or is there an add-on we are missing? Let us know.

Add-On #1 – Systems Automation

Using Zapier, we can offer automation solutions by installing systems that reduce your manual tasks.

Prices start at €14 per month (£12 pm).

Find out more about Systems Automation here.


Add-on #2 – Virtual Assistant Support

Move your business forward with Virtual Assistant (VA) support for your key operational tasks. A VA will become a trusted extension of your team, working remotely on the tasks you don’t have time for so you can move your business forward.

We work with a network of experienced VAs, each of whom is personally vetted by our founder (who is an award-winning VA herself!). The most important thing is finding the right person who fits with your vision and values – you always have the choice to work with someone new.

Find out more about Virtual Assistant Support here.


Relaxed Ninja

10 hours per month


Calm Ninja

20 hours per month


Supportive Ninja

30 hours per month


Add-on #3 – System and Software Training

We won’t just implement your systems and software – we’ll teach you how to use them too.

This can include writing guidance documentation, training videos, and team and one-to-one online training, with the potential to do location-based training.

Everything will be explained in simple, digestible language, so you are ready to take ownership of systems and software that actually work for your business.

Price on request.

Not sure if any of these packages are for you? No problem! Let’s have a chat to find a bespoke solution that works for your business.

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