Starting a Business in The Netherlands Course


This course is a must-have for english speakers who are planning to start a business in The Netherlands. Packed full of useful tips and tricks to get your business up and running, there are 6 modules to work through, starting from getting started through to networking and moving your business forward.


You’ve got a great business idea but you don’t speak or read Dutch! How are you going to find the right information quickly and get started? 

So, this was us in late 2018, Louisa and Julie connected via a local Facebook group, met for a coffee and realised they had complementary skills. Louisa was running her award-winning Virtual Assistant business on her own and was looking to expand, take on bigger projects and have someone to bounce ideas off. Julie had just moved from the UK and being a ‘trailing spouse’ was trying to decide what to do with herself after 14 years of working in banking. 

After working together on some client work, within a short time we clicked due to our common passion for process improvement and decided to take the plunge and go into partnership together as a VOF (Vennootschap onder firma).  

So, this is where our journey starts, but what next and what to do first!