What’s this challenge about? 

Hi, I’m Louisa Stewart and I’m turning 40 on 29th June.

With the current situation I wanted to set myself some small goals I could achieve to boost myself, and I thought why not make it a challenge!

I was supposed to be on a beach in the Caribbean for two weeks with friends to celebrate our respective 40th birthdays during June, but that’s not happening now. Instead, I want to celebrate with lots and lots of people by having others set some goals and achieve them along with me. 

Being one half of Blue Ninja (find out more about us here), I wanted to also take this as a chance for Julie Taylor and I to celebrate our business and provide me with some motivation to get out of the office and focus on something fun as well as be inspired by others.

The goal set for this challenge could be related to fitness, wellness, business – whatever challenge you feel will work for you. It should be something you can aspire to and will inspire you to try. Get your family involved as well – this can be a fun challenge for all.

You’ve got 29 days to complete the 4 goals in, so think of something you can achieve in the next month. Here’s how you can join in the challenge.

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How to Join in and set your goals

Over the next 29 days from 1st June Blue Ninja is going to share on social media messages and motivation to help you get going. As Louisa will be 40, your challenges should involve the number 4 in some way, if workable for your goal. The 30th June will be a special celebration of you achieving your goals so mark it in your diary! We’ve provided some goal suggestions below to inspire you.

This is what you need to do:

 Follow Blue Ninja via Facebook and/or Instagram to get daily updates and to be able to participate in the challenge.

 Decide on and post the 4 goals you are planning to do on Blue Ninja’s FB or Instagram page (there will be a special post to comment on). By writing them down you will be more likely to achieve them. 

 Complete your 4 goals by the time I turn 40 on 29th June – remember to document them (video / photo) and have fun with it!

  Post your video/photos of you succeeding in your goals on Blue Ninja’s FB or Instagram page *

 Share this challenge with others – the more the merrier

  Celebrate your amazing success!

Goals will be shared on this page as they are posted by people. It will include your first name and the goals you have nominated to complete.

By sharing your goals you set yourself up to achieve them. 

*If you’re not keen to share your goals you have achieved on our social media, that’s absolutely fine! We’d still love to hear how you got on with your challenge so do let us know. 


Here’s some goal ideas help get you started

Complete 4 walks for 40 minute duration each time 

Ride your bike 4km, 14km, 40km in one day

Learn to juggle 4 balls (or limes, or socks…whatever you have about) 

Bake 4 different types of cakes, pastries, muffins, biscuits etc. 

Take 14 deep breaths each day for 4 weeks

Eat 4 new foods you’ve never tried before

Spend 4 hours each week brainstorming and writing down your business ideas

 Hand write and mail out 4 letters to friends you’ve not spoken to in a while 

Watch 4 movies you’ve never seen before

 Balance on one foot for 40 seconds, then swap and do the same on the other foot (no leaning/holding on)

Try out 4 new tools that could make your business operate more efficiently and implement one of them

Recycle/upcycle 14 items of clothing you no longer need

Learn and sing 4 songs you have never sung before

Print your 4 favourite photos you have taken, frame them and place them somewhere you can see them

Do 40 star jumps a day over 14 days 

Write 40 inspiring messages to yourself and put them aside to read in 4 months

What are the 4 goals I will complete by my birthday? 

I have spent some time thinking about what challenges I would like to achieve at this time, and having been at home for the past 2 months outdoor fitness was a natural plan. Julie and I have been working on business goals for Blue Ninja so it seems right to focus on myself this time and what would make me feel happy. 

I reached out to friends on Facebook and I got some wonderful ideas which have inspired my 4 main goals below. I may add more goals as I think of them and will share these with you on Blue Ninja’s Facebook page.  

400 boxing punches in 4 minutes

This is Mitch from Harteveld Training based near Leiden, The Netherlands. Mitch is trainer to the Blue Ninja team and was part of the inspiration behind the 4 Goals by 40 challenge.

Mitch and I have been brainstorming what would give me a challenge based on the training I’ve been doing, but also be achievable. Mitch has been running an outdoor gym (complying with social distancing rules) whilst our gym has been closed, and keeping me on track with strength training and boxing. 

This will be challenging for me as although I can do around 250 punches in 2 minutes, it is quite tiring and I get arm fatigue.     

Bake 4 items in 4 weeks

I grew up on a farm near Wagga Wagga, Australia. My mother has some fantastic recipes for cakes and sweets that she’s shared with me.

I don’t usually bake as I end up eating far too much of what I make, but I’m going to make an exception!

During June I’m going to bake 4 different items – my goal is to make chocolate chip muffins, Anzac biscuits, an orange cake and my birthday cake which I’ll  attempt a cheesecake. 


Ride 40km in 1 day

Julie and I purchased bikes in January 2020 to use for our work. Leiden is a great place for cycling and we aim to meet (well, we did) twice a week together to work and cycling was the best way to get to our home offices. 

The most I would ride on a normal day would be around 5km in one go so I thought a challenge would be appropriate for riding my bike. 

I set this challenge on 18th May as the start of my 4 goals by 40 challenge. The next day I ended up riding to The Hague and back, completing my 40km in one day immediately!

I’ll post during the challenge my goal, as this was a fantastic goal for me to achieve! I’ll continue riding and may do another 40km in a day by my birthday – let’s see what unfolds during June.  


Walk 40km within 14 days

In 2014 I trained and completed a 25km charity walk near Edinburgh in the UK. It was intense and a great challenge to complete. 

Whilst I don’t plan on completing what I consider to be a mammoth challenge this time, I still would like an achievable goal so have chosen to walk 40km within 14 days. The walks completed will be tracked and not include any normal steps taken at home. 


Look out for daily motivational updates on Blue Ninja’s social media and make sure you follow our Facebook / Instagram pages to post your goals and share your achievements.

If you get stuck or need a little inspiration to set your goals do get in touch with me via admin@blueninja.eu. Share this challenge with others to get them involved and have fun. Any goal, no matter how small, is welcome in this challenge. 

I can’t wait for you to join me in setting goals and crushing them as we complete 4 goals by 40!


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